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Hi-Finity Manual Lock Installation

Hi-Finity Manual Lock Installation
  • Create correct length of both threaded rods
  • Install lock in chicane
  • Installation on vent

Motor Installation Instructions

Motor installation instructions
  • Preparation
  • Assembly
  • Installation on-site

Element Controller

Method 1
  • Press the service button to activate the wireless access
  • Search your device for WIFI access point Reynaers EC-  <serial nr>
  • Password is printed on Element Controller
  • Open web browser and go to http://setup-ec.reynaers.com 
Method 2
  • Set dip-switches based on table
  • Press and hold the setup button to activate the setup procedure
  • Move vents in correct opening order
  • Confirm configuration with the setup button
  • Press a button on the system when ready to continue the automated setup


On-site installation

On-site installation
  • Installing a HiFinity onsite

  • Installation of stopper, chicane, …