The Life Cycle Analysis of Aluminium

AluEco has, in cooperation with the VMRG (Association of Metal Windows and Facade Industry) and ION (Association of Industrial Surfacetreatment Netherlands), commissioned a study on the environmental properties of aluminum façade elements. The method used is based on the life cycle analysis (LCA) which calculates the environmental impact of aluminum throughout its entire life cycle.

In this study the life cyle analysis of aluminium profiles has been conducted for both powder coated and anodised surface treatment. What turns out? The new results score three times better than the old results. This high score is thanks to the long lifetime and high recyclability of aluminium. Aluminum façade elements have a lifetime of at least 75 years and minimum 95% can be recovered trough recycling. This means that a total lifetime of 1500 years is possible!

The report of AluEco and VMRG has been validated and can be used for determining, for example, a BREAAM rating. From now on architects, advisors, etc. can therefore calculate with the correct environmental properties of aluminum façade elements (for both powder coated and anodised surface treatment).